Flat Signage – Correx, Foamex, Dibond & more …

Our Mimaki flatbed printers allow us to print direct to media using instant drying UV inks. This enables us to bring the cost down on all flat signage significantly. As such we can offer extremely competitive discounts on bulk print and cut orders. Our digital contour cutting machinery allows us to cut any to any shape, including cut outs so that your signage really stands out!

Panels can be made to any size but the max single panel sizes are 2440mm x 1220mm and 3050mm x 1500mm

  • Strong UV stable inks
  • No dry time, super fast turnaround
  • No peelable vinyl
  • Price matching available
  • Discounts on large orders


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Correx Signage Printed Banners and Signs

A budget option. Correx is ideal for cheap hardwearing signage such as site boards, estate agent boards and cladding. The fluted system makes it easy for folding and cutting. This can be printed with a gloss or matt finish and an additional option of UV protective laminate can be applied.

Available in 4mm, 6mm and 10mm thicknesses.


Foamex Signage Printed Banners and Signs

Foamex is ideal for small signs or large cladding signage such as exhibition panels. This can be printed with a gloss or matt finish and an additional option of UV protective laminate can be applied.

Available in 3mm and 5mm thicknesses


Dibond Signage Printed Banners and Signs

Dibond signs are know for being tough and long lasting. Designed mainly for outdoor use, it lends itself to signage such as hoarding panels or large cladding jobs. It can also be used for small plaques or large shop fascia signage. We also offer Dibond with various different finishes such as brushed steel, brushed gold, brushed copper, gold & main primary colours. Available in 3mm thickness.


11 swg Signage Aluminum Printed Banners and Signs

11swg alluminium signage is the strongest material option for signage. It is predominantly used for road signs including panel & post and tray signage. Available in any bespoke shape and size to suit your business requirements.


STAINLESS STEEL Signage Printed Banners and Signs

Stainless steel has anti-rusting and heat durable properties making it strong and robust for various signage and decorative applications. Choose stainless steel for low maintenance, premium corporate signage, office door or building address plaques, memorial plaques, historic or LEED plaques. Available in polished or brushed finish


RIGID PVC Signage Printed Banners and Signs

Hardwearing PVC ideal for safety signage, POS or as an outdoor alternative to posters.
Available in thicknesses 1mm and 2mm


Cardboard Signage Printed Banners and Signs

Our graphic display mount board offers an excellent lightweight, green alternative to traditional foamex boards. Use for interior signage applications. 100% paper based. Superb rigidity and dimensional stability. Available in thicknesses: 6mm, 10mm, or 16mm.